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Submission Guidelines

1. Types of Manuscript:

LegalPedia Journal publishes the following Manuscript on the topic related to law: –
1. Research Paper: – (4000-6000 words including footnotes as well as abstract not
exceeding 250-300 words.)
2. Articles: – (4000- 5000 words inclusive of footnotes)
3. Essay: – (3500 words inclusive of footnotes)
4. Case Comment: – (2000-3000 words inclusive of footnotes)
5. Book Review: – (5000 words inclusive of footnotes)

2. Format/Rules for Manuscript:

Font StyleTimes New Roman
Title Font Size16 pt
Author Names Font Size12 pt
Author’s Other information Font Size10 pt Italic (In Foot Note)
Abstract Font Size12 pt, Bold
Keywords Font Size10 pt, Bold, Italic
Heading Font Size14 pt, Bold, Underline
Body Font Size12 pt
Footnotes Size10 pt
Text AlignmentJustified
Sub Heading Font Size12 pt, Bold
Table Contents Font Size12 pt, Bold
Table Heading Font Size14 pt, Bold
Figure / Table Caption Font Size10 pt, Bold
Reference Format[1] , [2] , [3] …so on
Line Spacing1.5 pt
Page SizeA4
Page OrientationPortrait
Page Margins1 Inch all sides

3. Title of The Manuscript and The Details of The Author:

Title of the paper should be in capital bold and centre aligned. The name of author and co-author/s, if any, should appear in the next line and should be right aligned. The name of the author should be followed by footnote mark (*) for the first author and (**) for the second author. The footnotes should give educational qualifications and the institutional details and e-mail address of the author(s)

4. Citation Rules:

Only footnotes may be used as the form of citations. End notes shall not be accepted. All footnotes must be in single-spacing and justified. For format of footnotes please refer Bluebook (19 th Edition) Citation Format or authors can refer ILI Citation Rules.

5. The Procedure for Acceptance:

(i) On receipt of the contribution, the Editorial Committee shall screen it to satisfy itself about the conformity of the contribution with the LPJ conditions, policy, scheme and style for submission of the manuscripts.
(ii) The screened work shall be assessed by the nominated referees.
(iii) A contribution recommended by the referee as fit for publication as such or recommended for publication with necessary amendments, if any, shall be considered for publication after the author would submit the amended paper accordingly. The author will be given two weeks to carry out changes thus suggested.